Man Who Fell In Love With Exotic Dancer Is Now Suing Her

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

An exotic dancer known as ‘Nomi,'' who worked in a nightclub called Treasures is currently being sued by a previous client.

It was about a year ago when Robert Wallace met Nomi and fell in love with her. The dancer told Fox 26 News that at that time, they were just friends. However, for the 32-year-old man it was much more than that. Nomi continued to say how he was becoming a regular client and they instantly became good friends. “ I really liked him as a friend, and I still do,” she said.

Robert said they were in a romantic relationship and on May 3rd they broke up. During that time, Robert lent Nomi around $2,000 and now, he says he wants it back. Along with the laptop and some DVDs, he gave her. 

However, Nomi refuses to give it back and says that she “doesn’t believe in loans” because she “doesn’t want to pay anybody back”. She adds how there’s no such thing as a “stripper refunds”.

Since then, Robert filed a report and is suing her. He says he’s learned his lesson and won’t be dating strippers anymore. 

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