Waitress Cuts Off Boss’s Genitals


Now this is a wild story!

A waitress in Spain has been arrested for reportedly cutting off the penis of her boss after he allegedly attempted to sexually assault her.

According to the woman in her mid 30s, it was around midnight when she called the police and said she was trying to fight off the alleged rapist, per the Daily Mail. The incident happened in Sant Andreu de la Barca, Spain, near Barcelona.

The woman claims that she grabbed a knife and cut off her boss's genitals after alleged sexually assaulting her during her work shift. She then called police to described what happened to her and the paramedics, which the man was taken in to attempt and reattach his genitals.

It's also being reported that the boss was previously arrested and had sexual assault charges towards the same woman. European Weekly News mentions that the boss had raped her multiple times over a span of several months.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it was right for a woman defending herself to be arrested while her alleged abuser is still free? 

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