New Scientology Allegations Emerge As Danny Masterson's Trial Is On Hold

(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

New allegations about the Church of Scientology and That 70s Show actor, Danny Masterson have emerged.

According to Pop Culture, 3 women continue to seek legal justice from their rape allegations towards Danny Masterson. It is said that the trial is being postponed until June 7th 2020. 

As the trial date gets closer, the 3 accusers have came to add new allegations that the Church of Scientology played a big role in keeping them quiet about the rape.

Apparently all four parties were members of the Church of Scientology where it was claimed that the church had policies that “not only discourages but prohibits” members of the church to turn in another member of the church to the police.

Although the church denied the allegations, case workers noticed many similarities from the allegations of Masterson's trial to many other previous allegations to the church. 

As of now, Masterson currently is looking at 45 years of prison and $3.3 million in bail if found guilty of all 3 accounts of rape.

By: Julie Lima

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