Michelle Williams Reveals She Wasn't Honest w/ Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

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At the beginning of the Pandemic I had a friend start a group chat and said we all needed to stay connected during this time. They were so right! That group chat cheered me up on so many days, so I totally feel Michelle Williams. We knew Michelle, Beyoncé and Kelly had a group chat but Michelle is opening up about

The ladies from Destiny’s Child released audio from their recent group chat and Michelle Williams shared with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland her struggles with mental health. 

"It's OK to not be OK and it's OK to tell somebody you're not OK,"Michelle told Kelly."Because I should've done that with y'all. I've been open about a lot of things that I never was really truthful about how I really was."

Williams admitted that although she thought of Beyoncé and Kelly as “safe sisters,” she held back her feelings and it's something she isn’t willing to do anymore especially since going through the pandemic. 

Beyoncé and Kelly both were honored by being a safe space for Michelle and said they will continue to hold space for each other to “check-in.” “I think the pandemic has made it have to be intentional like 'Yo, I'm checking in,'said Michelle,“because folks have been checking out."

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