Coi Leray Receives Backlash For BET Awards Nomination On Twitter

After Coi Leray’s back and forth tweets with Yung Bleu. She is trending again after being announced as BET best female Hip-Hop Artist and people are not happy. 

Many have commented that Flo Milli (another female rapper) should have been nominated and speculate colorism being the reason Coi was nominated but not Flo Milli. Fans have brought up how Flo Milli has more streams on Spotify and has charted top #78.

Compared to the streams of Coi and another nominee artist; Latto. However, others do understand why Flo Milli was not nominated, being that she has not hit platinum yet. Still, she continues to go viral on TikTok for most of her songs.

 As for Coi, she clapped back by saying “I'm one of the 6 songs that went platinum this year. Don’t tell me I shouldn’t make sh*tttt” 

In my opinion, this year’s BET nominations there should be a whole range of upcoming artists not just Cardi B or Sweetie. They should be more inclusion to other female artists, not just the regular. 

By: Leslie Gutierrez

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