Which Two "FRIENDS" Actors are Actually Related? Find Out Here.

Friends cast at 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Backstage

We're just hours away from the "FRIENDS" reunion and this information blew my mind! A genealogist just went through the actors history and found out that Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry are actually related!

Everyone knows them as Monica and Chandler but turns out their 11th cousins!

"They discovered that Perry and Cox share distant relatives William Osbern Haskell III and Ellen Haskell, who were married and lived in England around 500 years ago, the company told CNN. Ellen and her two sons emigrated from England to America in 1635. One son, Roger, is a direct ancestor of Courteney, and the second son, William, is a direct ancestor of Matthew, they said. The connection is made through Cox's mother, Courteney Copeland, and Perry's father, John Bennett Perry."

This is pretty funny because Monica and Chandler are one of history's best TV couples. Thankfully they're separated far enough for it not to be too weird.

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