Man Sues Police Department For Mistaking His Daughter's Ashes For Drugs

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

What a heartbreaking story.

According to Washington Post, a father is suing his local Illinois police department after he claims officers who searched his vehicle mistook his daughter’s ashes for drugs.

In the video, Dartavius Barnes is seen handcuffed, sitting in the back of a cop car before giving officers permission to search his vehicle. The the officer find a black latex glove and in that glove is a metallic container in which the officers mistake for drugs.

“This was in the center console,” says one officer after searching Barnes’ car. “At first I thought it was heroin, then I checked for cocaine, but it looks like it’s probably molly.” “X pills?” another officer asks.

Soon after running a police field test, the powder inside the metallic container was indeed not drugs but the remains of his daughter's ashes.

So sad, smh!

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