14-Year-Old Gives Birth & Hands Newborn Baby To A Customer At A Restaurant

 (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Can you believe this?

According to ABC 7, a 14-year-old girl who gave birth walked into a restaurant and handed her newborn to a customer, and then fled the scene.

Yes, this all happened in New Jersey earlier this week. Authorities say the young girl can be seen on surveillance footage walking into the restaurant and then asking for help, as she give the baby to a random customer.

Alease Scott and her boyfriend Walter Cocca were eating lunch when the teen walking in asking for help. "I said, 'Do you mind if I check the baby's vitals?' She readily handed the baby over to me so my focus went right onto the baby," Scott said. Scott also says the newborn girl still had a part of the umbilical cord attached to her.

Police were then called to the scene and responded with medical assistance. Authorities later found the teen mother as she was taken in for assistance as well. Both, the baby and her are doing well.

for the newborn.

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