Woman Spits On Worker After Refusing To Not Wear A Mask.

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I feel like the mask debate is going to get a lot worse now that restrictions are loosening in certain places. But what people fail to understand is that if an establishment requires you to wear a mask inside, it's a store policy and you can choose to go somewhere else if you don't want to follow their policies.

Anyways a woman was not having it the other day in a store where she was required to wear a mask. Umai Savory Hot Dogs in East San Jose. Employee Kristen saw what happened behind the counter and explained

“She was like ‘no, I have the right not to wear a mask,” she said. “So, I pointed at our window which has a mask saying face masks required upon entry and at that point she got frustrated and spit at the screen protector.” - “I just stood in here in shock,” she added. “Because this was my first time encountering this kind of thing.”

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