Tristan Thompson Wants Money From The Woman Claiming He Is The Baby Daddy

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Tristan Thompson often has a lot of people lying about his actions and he's tired of it. Currently there is a woman claiming that Tristan Thompson is the father of her baby, but DNA tests show that he is NOT the Father.

According to TMZ and new legal docs, Tristan is seeking a default judgement against Kimberly Alexander. He wants to hit her with 100K in damages.

"In the docs, Tristan says he's a proud, loving and providing father to 2 children, and he claims Alexander's false accusations potentially cost him endorsement deals because companies and brands viewed him as a troubled athlete."

He also claims that if the baby was his, he would have stepped up and taken care of his baby, but the baby is not his! Tristan did confess to sleeping with Kimberly but says it was years before he was with Khloé.

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