Teacher Says She Hugged School Shooter After Disarming Her

(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

A middle school teacher is describing the terrifying moments when she disarmed a 6th-grade girl who started shooting at her middle schoo.

ABC's Good Morning America, reports how Krista Gneiting, an Idaho teacher was brave enough to confront an active shooter. She told the news out that she heard a gunshot from down the hall and when she looked outside her classroom, she saw the school's janitor lying on the floor at the end of the hallway.

"So I just told my students, 'We are going to leave, we're going to run to the high school, you're going to run hard, you're not going to look back and now is the time to get up and go," Gneiting said.

Gneiting further explains how she was helping one of the students who had been shot when she saw a girl holding a gun.

"I just knew when I saw that gun, I had to get the gun," she said. Gneiting adds that she looked at the girl and quietly asked, "Are you the shooter?"

"I just walked up to her and I put my hand over her hand, I just slowly pulled the gun out of her hand and she allowed me to," she adds. "She didn't give it to me but she didn't fight. And then after I got the gun, I just pulled her into a hug because I thought, this little girl has a mom somewhere that doesn't realize she's having a breakdown and she's hurting people."

Take a look at Krista Gneiting recounting the story in the video below.

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