Rihanna Apparently Is Filming A Music Video. New Music Coming Soon.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty And Linda Fargo Celebrate The Launch Of FENTY At Bergdorf Goodman

Is it finally happening?! Is Rihanna getting ready to drop new music? According to a new report Rihanna is getting ready to film a music video. She's lining up a video shoot in LA and it's being made by British director Raja Virdi.

A source said “Rihanna has been secretly working on new music for a long time and her ninth album has finally come together. She has kept fans waiting for a long time — and the pandemic slowed things up even more. The project is still tightly under wraps but Rihanna will be filming a new music video in Los Anteles in July."

We know Rihanna has been working on music and told fans we'd have to wait, but girllllllll we've been waiting a long time!

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