Dashcam Captures A Lyft Driver Getting Robbed and Hit By Gun.

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This is so sad! Ugh, why are people awful?! A Lyft driver had a scary moment when he was robbed and the guy hit him with the gun!

The daughter of the driver posted the video on Instagram @forevakiss and said

"My 67-year-old father-in-law was mugged! 

05/11 09:19PM at the ARCO gas station on South El Monte Rosemead Blvd and Rush St

He was refueling and washing his car. After washing his car, he parked in the parking lot of the gas station and was wiping his car. He said he was targeted and watched probably while wiping his car. When he got back into the car and was watching the news, he forgot to lock the doors because it was very bright and lots of other cars were there getting gas. Suddenly, the guy entered the the back seat of his car and held a gun at him telling him to hand over his wallet. He had $1,560 in his pocket at the time. The man took the money, then asked him to get out of the car, which he knew meant he was about to get carjacked as well. He lied and told the guy that he couldn't drive it unless he's the owner. Although he believed him, he got angry and hit his face with the handle of his gun, causing a fractured nose. 

The car cam recorded the whole process, but the file was too big to upload. Police have been notified, but please help share to report and catch this heartless man targeting elderly Asians. Also, let your loved ones know and ask them to be extra careful!"

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