Malibu Balcony Collapses At Party With Nearly A Dozen People Injured

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

What a terrifying accident!

Over the weekend, nearly a dozen people were injured after a balcony at birthday party in Malibu collapsed.

In the video clip below, you see several young adults having a good time but then shortly after, the balcony they were standing on collapses. Everyone who was on the balcony felt down 15 feet below into the water and its rocks.

One of the attendees at the party explained the scary situation by saying they "were all chilling, when they heard a crack" and next thing you know, they were down below.

4 people were sent to the local hospital. While 5 others were treated at the scene. Authorities say the results of the balcony collapsing could have been due to overcrowding the place.

Take a look at the scary moment below.

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