Apparently Ben Affleck Reached Out To JLo in February Through Letters.

Yesterday it came out that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spent the weekend together in Montana. The two were spotted driving around and Jen was in passenger seat.

Well now we're hearing that Ben actually reached out to Jen back in February.

So a few months back, Ben and Ana de Armas broke up after dating for a few months. Apparently Ben poured his heart out to Jen. Pretty much like "longing for her."

Now Jen has revealed that the two would email each other and stay in touch. She also was vocal about being very proud of him when he won a Golden Globe for Best Director.

Personally I did like A-Rod with Jennifer, but after hearing that he cheated on her, I felt like Jen deserved better. I also think Ben and Jen needed to be break up and go their separate ways to maybe find their way back together. I hope they can find a way to rekindle a relationship.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Split
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez split

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