Man Dangles 330 Feet In The Air After 90Mph Winds Shatter Glass Bridge


This is the stuff of nightmares! 

A tourist was crossing a glass-bottomed bridge in China over 300 feet in the air when winds of 90mph twisted and shattered the bridge, leaving the man dangling far above the ground. 

The glass didn’t shatter; instead, the winds twisted the bridge and caused the glass panels to fall out.

The online reactions are not mixed! 

Many people wouldn’t step foot on a glass-bottom bridge, and they’re saying so on Twitter, where a “before and after” picture of the bridge has gone viral. 

Glass-bottomed bridges are famous in China, with some of them around 900 feet above the ground! 

The man could crawl back to safety with guidance from firefighters, police, and forestry and tourism workers, then be taken to the hospital for counseling. 

The park was closed for what reports called “a brief period” before reopening to the public.

 Someone was trapped high up on a suspended glass walkway at a scenic spot in northeast China yesterday when high winds caused glass panels to fall out around them. 

They were eventually able to climb to safety.

Source: Daily Mail

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