Receptionist Who Was Excluded From Pizza At Work Sued & Won Lawsuit

(Photo by MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Have you ever felt left out at work? Well, a woman did and she went out of her way to sue her previous work company because of it.

According to sources, a receptionist by the name of Malgorzata Lewicka was not included in several office pizza orders at her job so she sued her work and won the lawsuit. This incident took place in a dealership in Watford, United Kingdom.

Lewicka says that her old job would ask their staff which takeaway food they would like to order every month, and Lewicka told the court that she was not asked what she would like to eat.

She says that "other employees were asked but she was not asked if she wanted to order food or participate." Lewicka added that this occurred after she had accused one of the staff members.

The court described her experience as a "campaign of victimization" and Malgorzata Lewicka won a $32,000 as a settlement.

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