People are Really Eating Rotten Meat To Get High.

Death Toll In Southwest China's Pig-borne Disease Rises To 31

What the What?!

Apparently people are eating rotten meat to experience a natural high!

"The revolting trend, dubbed “high meat,” reportedly refers to any meat that’s been stored untreated for months, or even years, until putrid, IFLScience reported. When eaten, this past-prime protein is said to induce euphoria like a neolithic narcotic."

Apparently there are some bacterias that could have chemical properties that could give you a high or hallucination or a feeling of euphoria!

Some experts advise against consuming this moonshined meat.

I"FLScience reported that “while meat is regularly left to dry out into various treats, such as jerky and cured meats,” there is a huge difference “between rotten and fermented.”

Honestly, I wouldn't do it!!

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