IG Model Doubles Down On Her Claim That She Slept with Tristan Thompson

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This Tristan Thompson cheating story just keeps going. Let's recap

An IG Model Sydney Chase revealed in an interview with No Jumper that she slept with Tristan Thompson back in January when he was still with Khloé and he lied about being single. Sydney did apologize for giving some details about Tristan's Junk!

THEN Sydney showed off some DM's that Khloé sent her asking to talk.

After that Tristan Thompson Lawyered up and sent off a cease and desist letter. He claims that she's lying about them hooking up and if she doesn't stop, he'll see her in court!

Then Sydney claimed that she NEVER got a letter...then hours later she said she did receive it. BUT she's sticking to her guns and saying she DID hook up with Tristan and she won't be called a Liar. Check out the message that she posted on her IG story!

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