Juice WRLD's Manager Says He Agreed To Go To Rehab Before Passing

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There is a new article in GQ magazine that is all about Juice WRLD. His friends and family contributed to the article and in it, it was revealed that Juice had agreed to go to rehab before he passed from an accidental overdose.

Apparently Juice agreed to go in two weeks but wanted to go to Chicago first with his friends. It was after that trip that he passed away.

According to recording engineer Max Lord “I and a couple other people had come to him in tears, like, ‘We’re worried about you, and we’re scared we’re going to lose you if you keep up these habits. And we have to do something,’” Lord said. “And he agreed. And we had treatment booked for later [starting on December 22]. That was the soonest they were available to get him in. It hurts. It really hurts.”

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