Famous TikToker Is Accused Of Lying About A Kidnapping Attempt

(Photo credit should read -/AFP via Getty Images)

A famous TikToker is now facing criminal charges for allegedly lying to police about a kidnapping attempt.

Katie Sorensen accused a couple, Sadie and Eddie Martinez of trying to take her two children outside of a Michael's craft store. Per news reports, Sorensen was seen sharing the details of what she claimed happened on TikTok.

"Everybody's guilty of living in a bubble, their own little world. And I'm not sure what hers consisted of, but possibly, you know, seeing people that maybe weren't dressed the same as her, had different upbringing as her and a darker skin tone, was disturbing or bothersome to her," said Sadie Martinez.

"A little justice has been served," said Eddie Martinez.

Sorensen now faces two misdemeanor charges and could serve time in prison as well.

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