U.S Facing Chicken Shortage & The COVID-19 Pandemic Is To Blame


It looks like Americans are having a hard time finding some of their favorite chicken meals.

According to a new report, the United States is facing a chicken supply shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, companies all around are struggling to keep their business running.

“Suppliers are struggling, just as many in our industry are, to hire people to process chicken, thus placing unexpected pressure on the amount of birds that can be processed and negatively affecting supply of all parts of the chicken in the U.S., not just wings,” the CEO of Wingstop Charles Morrison said. 

“Until we see a marked change in the availability of labor for poultry producers, a labor shortage that we believe is largely fueled by the amount of government stimulus, we anticipate that wing prices could remain elevated for the balance of 2021,” he added.

As a result, many Americans who stayed home throughout the pandemic increased the demand for chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, and chicken wings.

Wing Stop even share on a tweet with a disappointed customer that they were "experiencing a system-wide shortage :( But they will be back soon!”

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