U.S Army Finally Admits Specialist Vanessa Guillén Was Sexually Harassed

(Photo by Mark Felix / AFP) (Photo by MARK FELIX/AFP /AFP via Getty Images)

New chilling details have emerged in the case of the former Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén.

The U.S. Army released a new statement saying that officers at Fort Hood, Texas ignored the complaints of sexual harassment from Specialist Guillén.

"SPC Guillén was sexually harassed by a supervisor. This supervisor created an intimidating, hostile environment," the report said. "The unit leadership was informed of the harassment as well as the supervisor’s counterproductive leadership, and failed to take appropriate action."

"While the investigating officer did find evidence of sexual harassment and mistreatment toward SPC Guillén, after examining all the evidence and witness statements, he determined that those incidents were not related to her murder," said the report.

Per the report, the Army also dismissed a total of 21 service members for failing to take on Guillén’s disappearance and allowing her suspected killer to flee the base on April 2020.

Guillén's family previously mentioned that she had told them she had been sexually harassed by a supervisor.

“We found many inconsistencies in this report," the Guillén family's attorney, Natalie Khawam told ABC News. "Vanessa’s case was severely mishandled, and therefore this report reflects a lot of damage control."

"It’s heartbreaking and frustrating for all of us," added Khawam, who expressed concerns from the family that the soldier who harassed Guillén was not identified in the report. "So much failure, from the Commanders down."

"Unfortunately nothing has happened to the [Criminal Investigation Command] agents that mishandled and botched this investigation, so unfortunately nothing will change for our soldiers and their families," she said. Khawam and the Guillén family have advocated for the I Am Vanessa Guillen Act that would lead to changes in how sexual harassment cases are handled by the military.

"Without the I Am Vanessa Guillén Act, there will never be any real accountability and our soldiers and their families will continue to suffer," Khawam confirmed.

It's very unfortunate the U.S Army failed to protect Vanessa Guillén. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to the Guillén family.

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