Woman Says She Killed Her Children To Save Them From Their Father's Abuse

Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

I can't believe this.

A Reseda, California woman recently said she drowned her three young children to protect them.

According to authorities, 30-year-old Liliana Carrillo told KGET-TV that she wanted to protect her kids. 3-year-old Joanna Denton Carrillo, her 2-year-old brother, Terry, and 6-month-old sister, Sierra from the father's alleged abuse in the midst of a custody battle.

“I drowned them,” she said in the interview at the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility in Kern County.

“I did it as softly, I don’t know how to explain it, but I hugged them and I kissed them and I was apologizing the whole time,” she said. “I loved my kids.”

Carrillo’s children were found dead last weekend on Saturday, April 10th by their grandmother, who when to check up on them at their apartment. Carrillo later flew the scene but was then arrested in Tulare County.

The investigation remains ongoing and Carrillo has not been charged yet.

We're sending our thoughts and prayers to the rest of their family.

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