Man With Florida Tattoo on Forehead Arrested After Calling 911 For a Ride


How could someone not expect to get into trouble for doing something like this?

A Florida man -- who proudly displays a tattoo of his home state on his forehead -- is behind bars after he called 911 twice to get a cop to drive him home.

Matthew Leatham, 22, was taken into custody earlier this week after making the calls to 911, authorities say.

A rep for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office says the dispatcher who answered offered to call a cab or rideshare service, but Leatham said he had no money.

After the dispatcher hung up, Leatham called again and cursed out the dispatcher, deputies say.

When deputies arrested Leatham shortly afterward, they reportedly found a baggy containing marijuana on him.

However, according to his arrest report, Leatham claimed he had no idea what the substance in the baggy was.

He's been charged with misusing the 911 system -- and possession of marijuana.

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