Man Built Tunnel From His Home To His Lovers, Her Husband Caught Them



So it turns out that maybe digging a tunnel from your house to your married girlfriend's house is not such a great idea. 

Alberto had the most creative way to hide that he was having an affair with a married woman. 

He dug a tunnel from his Tijuana house to his married lovers, but then had a lot of explaining to do when her husband, Jorge, found him in a hole in the ground near his house. 

He crawled into the secret tunnel himself and followed it to Alberto's house, where he begged Jorge to keep quiet because his wife was in the next room.

Jorge didn't listen, and the two men got into a fistfight. 

Seeing a strange man beating on her husband in their own home, the shocked wife called the police, and Alberto had no choice but to confess his unfaithfulness.

News and photos of the "love tunnel" were leaked on social media last week and quickly went viral.

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