12-Year-Old Boy Gets Accepted To Georgia Tech

You're never too old or too young to go for your dreams.

Meet Caleb Anderson, a 12-year-old boy who is making history as the youngest student to get accepted to Georgia Tech. According to ABC 7, Anderson is currently enrolled in high school and is also taking classes at his local community college.

The mother of Caleb, Claire Anderson says she always knew her son was special. "At three weeks old, I did notice that Caleb was trying to mimic some of my words... By four months, he was picking up basic signs," Claire Anderson told ABC 7. "Then by 6 months-old, Caleb could read."

With so many dreams and aspirations, Anderson is looking forward to majoring in aerospace engineering and hopefully one day travel to Mars as well.

"Try to get my master's at Georgia Tech. Then do an internship with Elon Musk, and then I'll probably get my PhD at MIT, and then I think I'll start working at either NASA or SpaceX," Caleb said.

Talk about inspiration. Way to go Caleb Anderson!

Photo: Getty Images

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