Mystery Woman Returns Boy To Family After He Got Off At Wrong Bus Stop

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A family in Texas is thanking a good samaritan who returned their 6-year-old son after he got off at the wrong bus stop.

According to KHOU 11, Colton Franklin was supposed to meet his older brother Gavin at the bus stop, where they would walk home together. But Colton never showed up. 

Colton's mother, Arlene Lightfoot-Franklin told the news outlet she worried once her oldest son called her to give her the news. "Mom, Colton didn’t get off the bus," she said.

Shortly after Mrs. Lightfoot-Franklin notified the school about his son missing. She then received a notification from her Ring doorbell camera detecting activity at her front door.

In that notification, she says a mystery woman appeared with her son, Colton.

“I don’t know if your mommy’s here. Is she usually here, baby?” askedthe mystery woman who appeared at the front door with Colton. “Do you know mommy’s phone number?” she added.

The mystery woman was later identified as Kim and Colton's mom says they're now in contact and exchanged numbers following the incident.

Talk about having a scary-happy ending situation.

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

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