Is Rihanna in Black Panther II? Some Fans Think She is. See The Clues Here.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty And Linda Fargo Celebrate The Launch Of FENTY At Bergdorf Goodman

We just found out that production on Black Panther II will begin in July of next year - but fans are already convinced that Rihanna is going to be in the sequel. Why? Well apparently when you do a Google search for Black Panther...a photo of Rihanna comes up as part of the cast.

Another source has Rihanna in the movie playing the role of Princess Zanda, the ruler of the African Nation of Narobia.

It's not hard to imagine Rihanna in the movie, she's already had roles in movies like Ocean's 8 and Battleship but also TV series like Bates Motel.

Plus we also know Rihanna loves to do anything but drop her new music so why not throw a movie into the mix!

If Rihanna isn't in the movie, her other connection could be the soundtrack. Last time Kendrick Lamar curated the album and dropped new music as well. Maybe she's doing the same thing!

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