Group of People Defied Curfew Orders & Protested Last Night. Watch Here.

Earlier this week Governor Gavin Newsom announced a partial lockdown with a curfew. The curfew would prohibit people out socializing after 10pm.

It states that if you have an emergency, need to pick up food or groceries or go to work, you can still do that. But basically it stops people from hanging out and socializing at night.

This has not sit well with a lot of people and a group of protestors were out last night past curfew in Huntington Beach.

“I’d like to see curfews go away. “I don’t really agree with it. I think there are too many restrictions, as is,” one attendee told news station CBS LA.

Hopefully this curfew does help us slow the spread of the coronavirus, we need to make sure that our hospitals and doctors and nursers are not getting overwhelmed.

Personally, I have no problem with the curfew, since I work on a morning show I'm usually in bed by 10pm anyways lol.

Stay safe out there.

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