National Guard Soldier Takes Her Life After Being Assaulted By Colleagues.

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This is such a heartbreaking story.

An Army National Guard soldier named Morgan Robinson took her life after officials failed to punish her male colleagues for sexual assault.

During Morgan's first deployment to Kuwait in 2016 she was assaulted, she reported it to her superiors but nothing was done about it. Then in 2018 Morgan was allegedly gang-raped by several soldiers during her deployment in Afghanistan but didn't report it because of what happened in 2016. It sickens me to my stomach to think of the men that were involved in this. To think it's ok to do this to someone is so wrong and gross.

Four months later she took her life.

An investigation is currently ongoing and one of its statements reads: “Sergeant Robinson suffered sexual, physical, and psychological trauma while deployed. The sequel of this trauma was a factor in her death.”

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