Woman Forgot To Turn Off Zoom While She Explained Her Monster S****


Have you ever forgotten to close your Zoom or Facetime?

Talk about embarrassing! 

A woman had to get her bathroom fixed and attend class simultaneously; her class was over Zoom.

During class, the plumber finished fixing the bathroom and came to tell her it was ready, she someone hit a button that "unmuted" her and that's when it happened. 

She left a post on Reddit that read, "I had just let the plumber in to fix my toilet, and he came by to tell me that it was done." She continued, "I must have accidentally leaned on the button or something because I asked him about it, got up to take a look, and then came back to 5-6 private messages on Zoom. Otherwise, everyone will have gotten to hear about the monster s**** I take that f*** with my plumbing."

Imagine that!

Read the full story below:

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