Apparently Women With This Name Have a Hard Time On Dating Apps.


Surprise Surprise...women named "KAREN" are having a hard time on dating apps right now.

According to a new study done by a dating app called Wingman

Women with the name Karen are having a hard time finding a date. The app found that matches for women named Karen dropped more than 20 percent in 2020 when compared to results from the previous year. Also, responses to messages sent by women named Karen dipped close to 33 percent. 

But again, are you surprised?! After the year we've had people now use the name "Karen" to refer to a white woman who is displaying classist, racist, and/or other prejudices actions based on societal privilege.

It also seems though that woman with the name "Karen" are trying to find different ways to display their name or even list in their bio funny lines like "She's not a real Karen."

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