Four Stores that Will Limit Your Toilet Paper Purchases Now.

Here we go again!! As you might have heard stores are starting to brace for another round of huge toilet paper purchases, but looks like the stores will be prepared this time.

There are four stores that have already said they will limit the amount of toilet paper you can now purchase.

  1. Kroger
  2. H-E-B
  3. The Giant Co
  4. Wegmans

Ok I'm gonna be honest, I have NEVER seen one of these stores HAHA! BUTTTTT this is why it's important, I don't think these will be the last stores that do this!

I think it's only a matter of days that some stores put up signs that you can only buy so much toilet paper. I was at CVS the other day and I actually saw these travel size lysol sprays and I tried to buy three...but the guy only let me buy two.

So I'm not saying go out there and start panic buying again, but hey if you go to the store, maybe just pick up a pack of toilet paper before people go crazy!

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