Did a Kentucky Town Really Elect a French Bulldog As Their Mayor?

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I can NEVER imagine voting for an actual dog as Mayor of the town I live in, but some people did it!

Ok so there is a small town in Kentucky called "Rabbit Hash" and since 1990's they have elected a dog as their Mayor as a fundraiser for their historical society - so THAT'S why this happened!

“Mayoral election in Rabbit Hash has been called! Wilbur Beast is the new mayor with an amazing 13,143 votes (highest winning total ever) toward an election total of 22,985!!! (Also the highest total ever for a Rabbit Hash election),”

Wilbur beat out a a beagle named "Jack Rabbit" and a Golden retriever named "Poppy" - but don't worry they're given Rabbit HasH Ambassador positions.

This is a VERY cute election!

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