Apparently Summer Walker is Pregnant! See What's Being Said About Her Here.

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Summer Walker has apparently been dating producer London on Da Track since last year and since then they have had a bit of a rocky relationship! There were reports that they broke up in April but then seemed like they got back together.

Well now it looks like they might have taken their relationship to the next level. London's Baby Mama put up a message claiming that Summer is Pregnant.

It looks like Summer disputed the claims by posting her own message saying

"Y'all weirdos, who demands a stranger to tell you if they pregnant. lol and what kinda creep wants someone else to have a baby that they will never meet or help them raise & the answer is no b**** I'm bloated by y'all weird!"

However a new video of Summer on Erykah Badu’s daughters TikTok account, it does look like she might be rocking a little bit of a bump...or like she said, she's bloated.

If Summer is pregnant, she should be able to announce then news when she's ready! It sucks that someone would take that moment away from her just because they have an issue with the Father of their child.

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