Which Celebrity Killed Halloween? Check out all their Costumes Here.

Cardi B. as Medusa

Kylie Jenner had a few costumes, she was a Minon with her daughter, she was a Power Ranger with her friends and then later she was a Snake at her sister's Birthday/Halloween party. And speaking of her sister, Kendall was Pamela Anderson.

Not only was Saweetie "Destiny's Child" - but she killed it as Mystique from X-Men! WOW!

The Weeknd who's known for going all out for Halloween, did it once again this year! He was Sherman Klump from The Nutty Professor. I gotta say, he was one of my favorite costumes this year!

Demi Lovato took a quick trip to the store and was a Vampire

Kim and Kanye were some kind of Balenciaga couple. But Kim also was Carole Baskin and her kids were tigers.

We also have to mention Ciara. She went ALL out this year! No only was she Cardi B. but she was Janet Jackson, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj!

Our girl Lizzo was her version of WAP and Travis Scott dressed up as Batman and Quavo was The Beast from X-Men.

Offset was The Mask from The Mask and it looked dope!

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