AHS: Murder House Is REALLY Haunted, Owner Details Ghosts & Satanic Rituals

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For those who are familiar with the TV show American Horror Story, know all about The Murder House!

The owner of the iconic “Murder House” from American Horror Story is opening her home for Halloween. 

Angela Oakenfold and husband Dr. Ernst von Schwarz called “Rosenheim Mansion” home in 2015, a few years after it debuted on AHS. Oakenfold says there have had many brushes with the paranormal and have even had fans of the show try to break and hold satanic rituals on the grounds. 

“I know they did an exorcism here, but I know that it didn't work,"says Oakenfold. On Halloween the couple will open the home for the first time to allow people to explore inside of the mansion, a few lucky people will even be able to sleep in the basement of the haunted Los Angeles mansion and participate in a seance or paranormal investigation.

The opening of AHS’ “Murder House” will be live-streamed throughout the weekend where you’ll be able to view different cameras throughout the home. Visit themurderhouse.com for more information. 

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