You Won't Believe How Much $$ These Ripped Up Gucci Tights Are Going For.

Photo by Julien Tondu on Unsplash

I know a lot of people love Gucci and yes they have some items that are really nice, but too many times they come out with an item where I just don't get it!

Case and point these new tights/panty hose that are going for $190!!! You know you can go to Macy's and get like three for $30 bucks.

So what's so special about these tights?! They're RIPPED UP!!! Like I legit throw tights away after they get a rip in them and now Gucci wants to charge almost $200 for this! GTFOH!!!!

Can someone PLEASE explain this to me???? It's not like they even say Gucci on them!!! I don't get it!

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