Dad Posts Message On FB before Killing Wife, Step-Daughter & Himself.


This is such a sad story. A Texas man and Army vet named James Olivares posted a message on Facebook - the message said "I'm Sorry"

After that James allegedly killed his wife Brandy, his stepdaughter, the families two dogs and then himself.

According to Irving Police Officer Robert Reeves, Brandy phoned 911 that morning. During the call that came in around 11:15 a.m., she pretended to be on the phone with her brother as she seemingly tried to give off clues to the dispatcher that she was in danger.

Apparently she “Was talking in a very low volume. Was trying to talk in a code to the dispatcher, and they weren’t necessarily picking up on that conversation that was being said. They could understand they said something about a brother and they were calling 911. So, they just went ahead and did their task of trying to get someone out there very quickly.”

Cops then arrived at the house and James asked for a negotiator but before that could happen, he shot himself. At this moment police do not have a motive for the killings.

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