Jealous Wife Cuts Husbands Hand Over a Text Message


Don't cut someone over text messages, ones that probably don't exist!

A 48-year-old woman has been sentenced to 25 months in jail for slashing her husband's hand with a kitchen knife.

It all started with them sitting on the sofa after a long day.

That's when her husband received a message on his phone.

The text hasn't been disclosed.

Janeen Pugh wanted to know who was texting her husband, and he allegedly showed her the message, but it wasn't enough for her. She didn't believe him, threw the phone back, and called him a "f***ing liar."

Things got out of control, so Peter ran to his neighbor's house for help as Janeen chased him with a 7-inch knife!

During the struggle, she ended up cutting his hand.

After the incident happened in April, Janeen texted a friend and let them know she stabbed her husband.

She was found guilty and will be jailed for 25 months.

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