Yes. Borat DID CRASH Mike Pence's Speech In a Donald Trump Costume



Did you see Borat run-in and disturb the Vice President, Mike Pence's, speech dressed as Donald Trump?

It was a scene out of "Borat 2," which was just released.

Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays Borat in "Borat 2," crashed Mike Pence's speech at the CPAC 2020, held in Maryland on February 27. He dressed as Trump and offered Vice President his daughter.. you gotta watch the movie, but here's the scene.

Someone in the crowd took a picture of him:

The news covered it:

During an interview with the "New York Times," Sacha described how he made that prank happen. He spent "five hours in makeup that morning with the prosthetic team changing my face into Trump's face." 

As for actually pulling it off, he hid in the bathroom for 5 hours until he was good to go in.

Read the full interview here

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