OUCH!! Dodger Player Cody Bellinger Dislocated His Shoulder. Details Here.

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven

Yup!! Cody Bellinger really did dislocate his shoulder - BUT he's ok! So after Cody hit his homerun during last nights game he celebrated by sharing a jumping forearm bash with Kiké Hernandez - and that's when he dislocated his shoulder! However he was able to pop it back into place and he was good!

He confirmed the news after the game. "So, I had to go back in the training room. They popped it back in and I was ready to play some defense. It kinda hurt!"

Now Cody says he'll celebrate with his other arm!

"Yeah, I'm gonna maybe use my left arm ... I’ve never dislocated that one. So, I'll go left arm."

Kiké did respond and said

"Now Belli knows not to mess with people who are way stronger than him!"

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