Get A Year Supply Of Diet Coke By Nominating People Online

Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings

Do you love diet coke? If you answered yes, this is for you.

Diet Coke is celebrating "National Bosses Day," and since this year was very different, they're switching it up. 

The description on their page reads:

"Diet Coke is celebrating National Boss's Day by saying cheers to the unsung heroes out there. the moms, teachers, or coworkers who hustle 24/7, 365. the ones who were extraordinary in a year that's been anything but ordinary. nominate someone today and reward the boss in your life with a Diet Coke mini fridge and their very own Diet Coke for a year."

YOU'RE CRYING I'M NOT *that was so sweet*

Wanna nominate someone?  Click here.

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