Florida Woman Tells Cops her Name is 'My Butt Just Farted'

Picture Credit Pinellas County

A Florida woman has been charged with providing a false name to police after she repeatedly told officers her name was "My Butt Just Farted."

The 33-year-old, whose real name is Melinda Lynn Guerrero -- and not "My Butt Just Farted" -- falsely identified herself on Wednesday after she refused to leave a Mobil gas station in St. Petersburg, her arrest report indicates.

She's also been charged with trespassing, police say.

After Guerrero falsely identified herself "multiple times," St. Petersburg police officers had little trouble figuring out her actual last name; it was tattooed across her back, according to her arrest report.

Drugs or alcohol are believed to have been a factor in the incident, police say.

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