Cardi B. Has Had Enough...She Deleted Her Twitter Account! Details Here.

Cardi B has had enough of people telling her how to live her life.

She is tired of people telling her she is in an abusive relationship with her husband Offset.

She took to Instagram Live Saturday night and went OFF!

A whole bunch of 15 year olds telling me how to live my life like I'm mf'ing Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something.

She continued, I love my fans and I'm grateful and thankful for what you do but some of y'all really be acting like I'm sleeping with ya'll.

And with that, she deleted her Twitter account.

If you search her name there is NO account! Ughhhhh - I don't like this, I love Cardi on Twitter! But I understand, whatever is best for her, we will support! We just can't wait until she comes back!

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