Chris Brown Finally Reunites With Ammika Harris & His Son

Chris Brown, please make up your mind.

One day you’re with L.A. fitness expert Gina Huygh and then another day you are back with Ammika Harris?

It’s been several months since Chris has seen his ex-girlfriend Ammika, the mother of his son Aeko.

When the pandemic kicked into full gear, Ammika went on lockdown in Germany with their son due to the travel ban.

This week they all reconnected to enjoy some long overdue family time, in which Chris posted on Instagram with the caption, MADE IT.

Chris has reunited with his son and that’s all that matters. Or is it? Do you think the rumor of Chris Brown allegedly making Gina Huygh his new girlfriend put some fire underneath Ammika to get back to the U.S. asap? Especially after the photos of them together surfaced. Or do you think the timing is just coincidental?

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