Cardi B Reportedly Makes $8 Million Per Month On OnlyFans

Creating an account on OnlyFans may not be a bad idea after all.

Casanova posted, then deleted the graphic which showed Cardi B making $8 million a MONTH on OnlyFans, and although that sounds like a large number she isn’t the top earner on the platform.

According to the graphic, Blac Chyna makes a whopping $17 million per month, which basically means she doesn’t have to work and could live off of OnlyFans for the rest of her life if she wanted to. 

Other celebrities in the top ranks included Bella Thorne, who made $1 million during her first day on the platform. Tyga, Mia Khalifa, Erica Mena, Safaree Samuels, are all on the platform.

Cardi however isn’t showing off any goodies for OnlyFans. The "WAP" rapper is using the platform to give fans an inside look into her lifestyle by sticking to one-on-one Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes content.

Image via Getty

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