Kid Cudi Explains How Travis Scott Changed His Music

Are you excited about Kid Cudi making more uptempo music? 

Kid Cudi, my buddy, has been known for his mid-tempo, moody music, is changing his tune. 

After working with Travis Scott on "The Scotts," Cudi now wants to turn things up a bit. 

"Turn the beats up. Bring those BPMs up. Get the party f-cking started. That's what I'm on now," he said. "I think I've made all the mid-tempo, slow records I could ever make in my career, and now it's all about f-cking turning up," Cudi says during an interview with Esquire. 

Travis, who has been a big fan of Cudi's and cites him as an influence, told GQ earlier in 2020 that a full project was to come from him and Kid Cudi, although no other details are available, Cudi looks up to Travis as much as Travis looks up to him. 

"Seeing that I got my first number one with Trav, that means the most to me. It wasn't just with some other person. It was with Trav," says Cudi. It's nice to see Kid Cudi in a good place and happy. 

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