Disneyland Announces That They Have To Lay Off 28,000 Employees!


This bums me out so much because it affects so many people!!

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic Disney announced that they were going to have to close their parks, they thought they were going to be closed for a few weeks - well it’s been over 6 months.

And despite the fact that Disney World has reopened - Disneyland has not and they haven’t announced a reopening date yet!

And now the company has revealed that they will be laying off 28 thousand employees, this is obviously from a lot of different departments and levels. But 28 thousand!!!

The company is placing the blame for the decision on California not allowing Disneyland to reopen at this time amid the pandemic.

A lot of these employees were furloughed back in April but when that happened, a lot of them probably thought it was temporary!

“Approximately 28,000 domestic employees will be affected, of which about 67% are part-time. We are talking with impacted employees as well as to the unions on next steps for union-represented Cast Members. Over the past several months, we’ve been forced to make a number of necessary adjustments to our business, and as difficult as this decision is today, we believe that the steps we are taking will enable us to emerge a more effective and efficient operation when we return to normal. Our Cast Members have always been key to our success, playing a valued and important role in delivering a world-class experience, and we look forward to providing opportunities where we can for them to return.”

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